Core Business

We see continuous growth in managed services and we are confident that we can help Vodafone free up resources to focus even more on their core business and innovation

Can someone explain what Vodafone’s core business is?


2 Responses to Core Business

  1. David Lorti says:

    Great question. Here’s my take after some quick research when I saw the question.

    I think Vodaphone is to some extent a conglomerate of subsidiaries (where it holds majority interests), or a holding company that is creating a worldwide brand for use by these companies in the mobile telco arena. Outsourcing hardware (that’s a simple description) to Ericcson makes sense if their core capability is in creating this conglomeration to proliferate a brand rather than actually operate the hardware and software. Kind of one giant company on the front end, and one big OEM model on the backend.

  2. Russell says:

    Screwing customers out of money whilst providing a worse than average network?

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