Any effective organization consists of organizational design (how the organization is shaped), the organizational talent, and the operating  culture. All three combine to deliver organizational capability (the value the organization delivers to the company). In other words, the culture is the operating system of the organization that allows the people to deliver value. Culture sets expectations, behaviors, operating norms and contracts that allow people to to act with efficacy, with role clarity and to refer to a common set principles that allow for effective delegated decision making and accountability. Setting context and then allowing freedom to execute has proven effective in my experience,  given the right organizational design and talent embedded in appropriate cultural norms.


2 Responses to Culture

  1. Tom Vest says:

    Be careful — sounds like you’re becoming a philosopher 😉

  2. Glad to see a post again from you!!! And a very wise post!!

    One thing I have found helpful is recognizing people’s strengths and weakness, for certain tasks. Instead of seeking and waiting for one to improve (meanwhile producing subpar results), I’ve tweeked their role and/or put the person in a position where their natural aptitude is best suited.

    I hope to see more posts soon (although I’m not one to talk since I haven’t blogged in a long time!)


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